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Istanbul 2. Criminal Court of Second Instance decided that Ebru Simsek’s claims were unfounded.


After examining the evidence, witness statements and testimonies and expert reports submitted in file 2004/3 in the case of the members of the Science Research Foundation (BAV), the 2nd Criminal Court of Second Instance decided that the CLAIMS MADE BY EBRU SIMSEK WERE GROUNDLESS and that theCRIMINAL ENTERPRISE ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THE BAV ARE ALSO GROUNDLESS and has determined upon acquittal. However, that acquittal has never appeared in the press in any form. The way that this acquittal was never mentioned by a press that made hundreds of references to the claims made by Ebru Simsek is part of a psychological warfare campaign.


As everybody knows, the accusation that Adnan Oktar and the BAV blackmailed Ebru Simsek was reported hundreds of times by dozens of newspapers, mainly in headlines and sub-captions and certain newspaper supplements, and these still continue to appear. The Turkish public have practically learned these accusations off by heart. However, after examining expert reports, evidence and witness statements and testimony to the effect that EBRU SIMSEK’S CLAIMS ARE BASELESS AND CONSIST SOLELY OF SLANDER, the court decided ON A VERDICT OF ACQUITTAL. However, no media institutions published this acquittal verdict. So what is going on? Since the press were so exceedingly well intentioned, why did they not say “We issued false accusations for 10 years, and no wish to extend our apologies to you” when they realized that their allegations over the previous decade had all been unfounded? That is something they cannot do, because it is part of this psychological warfare campaign. Because everybody knows that various newspapers are under the direction of experts in psychological warfare.

The court acquittal verdict No. 2007/7 of the 2nd Criminal Court of Second Instance file No. 2006/6 showing that Ebru Simsek’s claim were groundless (for some reason or other appeared in almost no press organs!!!).

  • Istanbul 2. Criminal Court of Second Instance decided that Ebru Simsek’s claims were unfounded.
    Psychological warfare tactics were employed even while Adnan Oktar was being released in the Bakırköy.
    Adnan Oktar unjustly held 9 months in prison and 10 months in the Bakirkoy Mental Hospital.
    Adnan Oktar and BAV members were acquitted of the allegations on the grounds of lack of evidence...
  • Judicial Bodies Have Decided That There Is No Legal Foundation For The Claims Put Forward By Fatih Altaylı
    Bav Members – Including Mr. Adnan Oktar – Were Acquitted Of Organized Criminal Enterprise Charges
    Adnan Oktar was detained among the most dangerous Mental Patients in Bakırköy Mental Hospital
    The statements in the BAV file are false that people are forced to sign, under severe torture.
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