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Adnan Oktar unjustly held 9 months in prison and 10 months in the Bakirkoy Mental Hospital.

One of the warfare techniques employed was Adnan Oktar’s detention for saying “I am a member of the Turkish nation and also of the community of Ibrahim” in 1986, and spending 9 months in prison and then 10 months in the Bakirkoy Hospital for Mental Disorders. A great many dailies happily and excitedly reported this in banner headlines on their front pages. Daily Hürriyet, for example, excitedly carried an effective psychological warfare headline saying “Adnan Hodja proved to be mad.”


Adnan Oktar, 1 November 2013


Adnan Oktar was detained in Ward 14A, which housed 300 of the most dangerous inmates, where killings were regarded as perfectly ordinary events, entry to which was through a number of iron doors. At the time he was there, more than 10 mental patients in his ward committed more than 10 murders. These events were regarded as nothing out of the ordinary in that ward. During that time he spent 6 weeks handcuffed to his bed. When his mother came to visit him she had to pass through the most dangerously insane inmates. Mr. Oktar spent a total of 19 months in prison and mental hospital, after which he was acquitted and released when the Prosecutor’s Office said “there was no criminal offence in his words.”

All the records related to detailed patient treatments for the years 1985-1986, during which Adnan Oktar was detained in the Bakirkoy Mental and Nervous Illnesses Hospital, have somehow disappeared from the archives. Experts in psychological warfare have thus eliminated all possibility of investigating all the murky aspects of those years. The loss of those records alone from that archive, meticulously maintained ever since 1927, shows the intensity of the psychological warfare campaign being waged against Adnan Oktar.

  • Istanbul 2. Criminal Court of Second Instance decided that Ebru Simsek’s claims were unfounded.
    Psychological warfare tactics were employed even while Adnan Oktar was being released in the Bakırköy.
    Adnan Oktar unjustly held 9 months in prison and 10 months in the Bakirkoy Mental Hospital.
    Adnan Oktar and BAV members were acquitted of the allegations on the grounds of lack of evidence...
  • Judicial Bodies Have Decided That There Is No Legal Foundation For The Claims Put Forward By Fatih Altaylı
    Bav Members – Including Mr. Adnan Oktar – Were Acquitted Of Organized Criminal Enterprise Charges
    Adnan Oktar was detained among the most dangerous Mental Patients in Bakırköy Mental Hospital
    The statements in the BAV file are false that people are forced to sign, under severe torture.
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